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In order to approximate the procedure for applying for a loan in Poland, if you receive income in another country, you can slightly generalize the rules and criteria used by banks. First of all, a lot depends on where the potential customer works and in what currency he earns.

Loans from bank

Loans from bank

People employed in the European Union must complete less formalities. In addition, considering that during repayment of installments they will transfer a part of their salary to the Polish account, banks are most often granting loans in USD. However, if such transfers are not possible or the salary is paid in a different currency, the whole procedure of applying for a loan agreement becomes even more complicated.

Of course, in order to cooperate with any bank, you must show a sufficiently large own contribution – usually from 20, even up to 50%. Of course, your creditworthiness and form of employment are also checked.

Therefore, already at the stage of submitting the loan application you need: a contract or contract, income certificate, tax return or bank statement, credit history and possibly additional documents, e.g. permanent residence permit in a given country. It may turn out that the bank requires that they be translated into Polish. Then you should look for a sworn translator in Poland, and not in the place where you work, because the prices of this type of service abroad are certainly higher.

Free financial advisor – make sure you use it!

Free financial advisor - make sure you use it!

All persons working in another country, but planning to take out a loan in Poland, we highly recommend using our services. Together we will look for such a bank and a solution that will be the best in a given situation. Instead of getting all the information on your own and accepting conditions that could be more favorable, you should trust the knowledge and experience of specialists in the field of loans with income abroad, the more that we help for free.

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