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Dental treatments can become very expensive very quickly. Anyone who has already had an implant inserted or needs dentures knows this. Health insurances hold back nobly with the assumption of costs, whereby many patients rightly questions how such a treatment, which can quickly cost more than 10,000 USD, ultimately still has to be paid. Often the only option left is to become a borrower from the patient and to use the offers of the credit market, ie to take out a loan for implants.

Credit for implants from the dentist

Credit for implants from the dentist

Dentists have also responded to the situation. Since health insurance companies only partly cover the high costs for implants and dentures, many dentists have started to lend themselves in cooperation with banks themselves. In a sense, this is of course beneficial to the patient, as this is how he receives treatment and financing from a single source. This may be the most convenient solution but is not always the cheapest way.

But dental care is not an issue that takes a few minutes to complete. The patient therefore still has enough time to compare the offer of the dentist or orthodontist with other offers. Thus, the credit for implants can still be affordable, if you only take enough time. However, banks do not offer special loans for such treatments, which is why the patient must resort to normal installment loans.

Funding through the bank

Funding through the bank

The classic installment loan can be found at virtually every bank and is most suitable as a loan for implants. Only the names can deviate from each other at the first glance. Installment loans are also behind the terms direct or direct credit. In most cases, this refers to a supposedly faster online application with a quick commitment. Ultimately, in terms of timing, only minor differences will be apparent. This feature should definitely not be decisive.

Installment loans should compare several important features before concluding a contract. Various comparison portals on the Internet can prove useful here, because a large number of offers are already listed here with all important points that are credit-critical. The most important feature of any loan is the interest rate, as this is crucial for the costs to be ultimately expected. It is always advisable to pay attention to a bound borrowing rate. Here are unpleasant surprises, which may arise due to market fluctuations.

In addition to the borrowing rate, an effective interest rate must always be specified for each offer. This is also much more suitable for comparison, since most credit-related costs have already been calculated here. This includes, for example, processing fees, repayment rate and payment price. Not included, however, are residual debt insurance policies, which also have to be applied for separately, as long as they are valued. However, residual debt insurance can also disproportionately increase the cost of a loan and its conclusion should therefore be made dependent on the amount of the loan and its duration.

The maturities of installment loans are broadly all in the same range between 12 and 84 months, minor deviations once ignored. These can be chosen freely at most banks in connection with the amount of installments. However, the longer the term lasts, the greater will eventually be the interest burden. If you take enough time for the comparison, you can get a very good credit for implants, which in many cases can be cheaper than the dentist’s offer.

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